Summer TBR Wipeot read-a-thon: introduction


With the summer holidays officially starting tomorrow, it is time to dust off the back of the book shelf and finally show all those books some well deserved love.  I would love to think that summer is the best time to knock that down that always growing TBR pile. Usually I end up wasting time, so this year I will be taking part in the 2nd Annual Summer TBR Wipeout hosted by the wonderful Olivia over at The Candid Cover. Continue reading

Tag Full of TV Shows

Tag Full of TV Shows

YO, YO, YO, guess who is back! The answer is ME. I finally finished all my exams, and by that I mean that I spent about 20 hours a day at the theatre, most of the time being a free labor, but it was all worth it and our final show of the year was amazing, but it also meant that I neglected you guys, and for that I am so SORRY. So to celebrate my return I am bringing you a super fun tag about something I love so much, and that is TV SHOWS. The lovely NYX over at Drizzle and Hurricane Books created the “Where I tell you all about my favorite TV shows” tag, so sit down, have a bowl of pop corn and travel with me down this exciting road of awesome TV shows. Continue reading